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I am implementing a FTE network using Websphere MQ 7.5.

I have developped a java program to be ran as a precall transfert. here is my procedure : I have updated the agent.properties file with path to java.exe restart my agent create a new transfert In the call panel, I configure a precall : program : java argument : -jar c:\PATH\TO\MY\JAR\myJar.jar myArgument

the transfert fails and the error shown is like java does not receive any argument.

When I test my command in a windows prompt it works.

In addition, my first attempt was to run a batch script containing the java command but it did not work either.

I do not want to use an exit as the program is specific to a transfer.

Edit : I have test a simple java -version command and it works.

  <command name="java" retryCount="0" retryWait="0" successRC="0" type="executable">
    <argument>-jar C:\mqfteTest\ExitsJava.jar C:\mqfteTest\userExitTest\FileRef_20121023.txt</argument>

Error returned :

  <callResult outcome="failure" retries="0">
    <result outcome="failure" returnCode="1" time="2012-10-24T12:39:52.419Z">
        <line>Syntaxe : java [-options] class [args...]</line>
        <line>           (pour l'ex‚cution d'une classe)</line>
        <line>   ou  java [-jar] [-options] jarfile [args...]</line>
       <line>JVMJ9VM007E Option de ligne de commande non identifiee : -jar C:\mqfteTest\ExitsJava.jar C:\mqfteTest\userExitTest\FileRef_20121023.txt</line>
        <line>Could not create the Java virtual machine.</line>

Best Regards

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I am not quite sure if I have understood the question. Assuming your aim is to invoke Java class before the transfer begins, you can use MFT exits to achieve that. Here is a link to WMQ MFT v7.5 sample source end user exit.


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hi thanks for the aswer! I don't want to use an exit because it will be executed in every transfer. – J.Chan Oct 24 '12 at 11:34
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I finally managed to execute my precall:

for the windows platform, I used a batch script and i put the script and the jar in a folder without space in the path.

I did not manage to use the java command and will open a PMR to understand why.

edit :

Finally I have understood why!! In fact the so called "argumentS" (in the precall conf) are in fact just one argument.

I have also manage to deploy my precall on iseries as400.

the command line is the same but the declaration of shell MUST be


with #!/bin/sh wmq-fte does not manage to catch the exit of the program

Everything works great now.

I also found a strange behaviour (which will aim to another PMR) :

when the files to send are in a subdirectory of the command path, the transfert fail.

Hope this will help some one.


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What was the result of your PMR with IBM? I'm trying to execute 'java -jar <jar-name.jar>' as a post-task and I can't get it to work. – Green Sep 25 '14 at 15:18
Did not open it sorry. – J.Chan Sep 26 '14 at 10:15

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