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I need your help :'( I have a problem with XSD validation, It returns error with Unexpected elements. But i want to allow and skip any unexpected elements. I try to use <xs:any>but its not allowed under <xs:all> and <xs:element ref doesn't work, I have no idea how to fix it :

            <xs:any processContents="lax" maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" />
            <xs:element name="id" type="xs:integer" />
            <xs:element name="lastname" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="firstname" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element ref="adress" />
            <xs:element ref="phone" />

It returns error for example when I got unexpected elements "gender". DO you know which tag can be help ? or any solutions. Thanks in advance guys.

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Change <xs:all> to <xs:sequence> as specified in it will work.

<xs:element name="person">
      <xs:element name="firstname" type="xs:string"/>
      <xs:element name="lastname" type="xs:string"/>
      <xs:any minOccurs="0"/>
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Thank you so much @Surendra Kongurootu :) But the point is I dont want to use <xs:sequence>. – Amy Mai Sep 16 '13 at 2:32

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