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I wanted to know if we can pass a Map or List in a function like we pass Int or Long or String etc? If yes then how if we have a Map?

I am using play 2.0.4.

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Not in 2.0.4, unless you define some implicit query binders. Play 2.1+ has defined query binder for generic List (i.e. List[T]). You can copy implementation from the repository and paste it into your project (as I did - see this question and answer).

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thanks a bunch. will look into it. seems like the answer to my query. –  Farooq Arshed Oct 25 '12 at 1:28

Your question is a bit unclear, but I'm guessing that you are referring to the Play /conf/routes dispatch mechanism, where a route statement like:

GET /hello/:id      controllers.Application.hello(id: Int)

Will be compiled so that id is parsed to an Int (or whatever), and passed to the hello Action. Guessing even more, you probably want to parse the query string (e.g. "a=1&b=2" to Map("a" -> "1", "b" -> "2"), and pass it to an Action as a Map[String, String] parameter.

I don't think this is possible. You can write a route entry that refers to the query string, and you can use regular expressions, but that won't get you there. To access the query parameters of a GET request, add a request parameter to the Action, and look at request.queryString

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