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I want to look for all records within a table that has date column for a specific date, at the moment I am trying this query,

SELECT     *
FROM      Table_ABC
WHERE     DateCreated CONTAINS 24/10/2012

But its not working

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If the DateCreated column is a DATETIME type, you should try:

SELECT     *
FROM      Table_ABC
WHERE     YEAR(DateCreated) = 2012
AND       MONTH(DateCreated) = 10
AND       DAY(DateCreated) = 24

or simply

SELECT     *
FROM      Table_ABC
WHERE     DATE(DateCreated) = "2012-10-24"
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first one worked, thanks a lot –  yaron Oct 24 '12 at 11:24


Select * from Table_ABC where DateCreated between '24/10/2012 HH:MM:SS' and '24/10/2012 HH:MM:SS'

Changes hours minutes and seconds to be what you want it to be and it's usually in 24 hour time.

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