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I need to create an add-in to my outlook 2010. I have started a new project with office outlook 2010 template, and didn't add any code.

When I click the F5(run) the outlook 2010 application starts to load but gets stuck on "in process".

I'm using VS 2010 C# with outlook 2010.

As I didn't add any code to the add-in (I just ran the default template code), why is it stuck? Please help.

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The first thing I can suggest is to maybe add some code in the ThisAddIn_Startup() method, for example:

private void ThisAddIn_Startup()
  MessageBox.Show("It did something!");

and see if you see a message on the screen. If it doesn't, put a breakpoint on the line (or even the add-in entry point) and see if it hits it.

The next thing I could suggest is to have a read on SO, namely under the outlook-addin tag, and possibly search the web on some starting points:

Heres one to get you going:


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