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I have a program that inserts some data into a table.

In my table im showing day and week number like the following output (in danish)

TO Uge 42

Where TO is the name of the day

Uge is week

and 42 is the number of the week.

What i would like to do is get the TO to be TOR(Short for Torsdagwhich is the danish word for Thursday)

My Code looks like this at the moment:

"DY' || ' ' || '\"Uge\" '|| 'IW";

Are there any whay in Orcle where i can get the date as a 3 lettered String or do i have to make substrings of the string and change it?


String sql =
            "SELECT                                                                     " +
            "   TO_CHAR(MIN(TIDSPUNKT),'"+getDateDescriptionFormat(when)+"') AS PERIOD, " +
            "   NVL(QUEUE,' ') AS QUEUE,                                                " +
            "   NVL(SUM(ANTAL_KALD),0) AS CALLS,                                        " +
            "   NVL(SUM(ANTAL_BESVARET),0) AS ANSWERED_CALLS,                           " +
            "   NVL(SUM(BESVARET_25_SEK),0) AS ANSWERED_CALLS_25_SEC,                   " +
            "   NVL(SUM(INTERN_KALD),0) AS INTERNAL_CALLS                               " +
            "FROM                                                                       " +
            "   KS_DRIFT.PERO_NKM_KØ_OVERSIGT                                           " +
            "WHERE                                                                      " +
            "   TIDSPUNKT >= '"+getStartDate(start,when)+"' AND                         " +
            "   TIDSPUNKT <= '"+ slut+"' AND                                            " +
            "   TO_CHAR(TIDSPUNKT,'DY') NOT IN ('AB')                                   " +
            "GROUP BY                                                                   " +
            "   TRUNC(TIDSPUNKT,'"+getDateFormatString(when)+"'),                       " +
            "   QUEUE                                                                   " +
            "ORDER BY                                                                   " +
            "   PERIOD  

THE getDateDiscribtionFormat:

private String getDateDescriptionFormat(char when){
        if (when == 'D')return "DY' || ' ' || '\"Uge\" '|| 'IW";
        if (when == 'W')return "\"Uge\" '||'IW";
        if (when == 'M')return "Mon.' || ' ' || 'YYYY";
        if (when == 'Y')return "YYYY";
        return null;

Do note that I DID not make this code my former co worker did and it is messy !

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Very messy, indeed. Time to refactor. Don't perpetuate this smell. –  duffymo Oct 24 '12 at 12:12
Among the other things you should change is to use bind variables instead of concatenating dates into the SQL query -- which causes one implicit conversion to text when doing the concatenation and a second implicit conversion back to date when the query is executed. If the session's default date format were to change you could get failures or wrong results, plus you're hard-parsing a new query for every different date it runs for. –  Dave Costa Oct 24 '12 at 12:59

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Looks like there is no other format model that will do what you want. 'DY' gives the "abbreviated name of day" -- in my English-language system this means a three-letter abbreviation, but I guess in your language the standard abbreviation is two letters.

Rather than doing a substring, I'd suggest converting to a numeric day of the week and then simply having a mapping, for example (using English abbreviations):

CASE TO_CHAR(sysdate,'D')
  <et cetera>
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Careful with this, 'D' will return 1 for monday in many non-USA locations (dependent upon NLS_TERRITORY) –  Vincent Malgrat Oct 24 '12 at 13:12

I think you should save a Date in a DATE column and leave all that other stuff for rendering. Those are display issues.

Query for a java.sql.Date and use java.text.DateFormat to turn it into whatever String you want.

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It looks like there is already a DATE column, TIDSPUNKT, and he is just trying to set the format when getting its value in a query. But you are probably right that if the point is to pull this data into some front-end for display, doing the conversion to text there may make more sense. –  Dave Costa Oct 24 '12 at 12:55
Right, it makes no sense to me to embed any of this in the database. –  duffymo Oct 24 '12 at 12:55


select to_char(sysdate,'YYYY-MON-DD') from dual;
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The problem is that the code is really messy and its a huge work cleaning it up (i did not create the code) So what he does is the following statement: im going to update my original post –  Marc Rasmussen Oct 24 '12 at 11:49

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