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I am trying to develop a script in Python which would function like the NetDisturb utility. Some of you might ask why am I doing this if there is a ready made utility, but the thing is I want to integrate this in a web page. Using this web page I can access a particular set of interfaces which I already know or are present in the back end script and eventually degrade the performance or simply block packets.

I have succeeded a little but now I want to implement a socket connection between the two interfaces which would be connected. I am unable to have a full duplex communication using a socket connection. I am unable to decide which interface should act as master and which interface should act as slave. Because when I make one of the interface as master the listen and accept statements block further execution of the code.

Would using SOCK_DGRAM sockets instead of SOCK_STREAM help me?

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You have to use non-blocking sockets. Here is an explanation how to use select to handle non-blocking sockets (for beginners I could really recommend the complete article, it is a good start). Alternatives would be a multi-threaded architecture or asynchore. If you want additionally a GUI, I can recommend pygtk for the interface and glib.io_add_watch to handle the sockets.

But in general I would recommend some high level framework like zeromq. A second high level alternative would be Twisted, but it has a non-pythonic Java-like API and is (IMO) badly documented.

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