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this message is appearing in C# code after calling a function from dll code is like this

int i = 0;

on second line it says that there is an unhandled exception of type "System.AccessViolationException"... Attempted to read or write protected memory

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What is function() ? how is it defined? if it is an extern, does the actual implementation agree with the declaration? In particular, is the return type (void, int, etc) correct? That message usually means: you've unbalanced the stack, or similar. And a good way to do that: have the extern method return a value when you promised not to, or don't return a value when you said you would. – Marc Gravell Oct 24 '12 at 12:38
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If function is external there's something wrong with the declaration. This happens because your return value or your parameters types aren't of the wrong size, and an error occurs with data "popped" from stack

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