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I'm unable to declare

interface IMyInterface
   async Task<myObject> MyMethod(Object myObj);

The compiler tells me:

  • The modifier async isn't valid for this item
  • The async modifier can only be used for methods that have a body

Is this something that should be implemented, or does the nature of async & await prohibit this from ever occurring?

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Whether a method is implemented using async/await or not is an implementation detail. How the method should behave is a contract detail, which should be specified in the normal way.

Note that if you make the method return a Task or a Task<T>, it's more obvious that it's meant to be asynchronous, and will probably be hard to implement without being asynchronous.

From http://stackoverflow.com/a/6274601/43846

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+1 for Jon Skeet says :) –  Noctis Jul 13 '14 at 1:47

Whether or not your implementation is async, has no relevance to your interface. In other words, the interface cannot specify that a given method must be implemented in an asynchronous way.

Just take async out of your interface and it will compile; however, there is no way to enforce asynchronous implementation just by specifying an interface.

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