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I have an image encoded as base64 blob that I can serve up successfully from Google Apps Script - as per this jsfiddle

I'm trying to now save this as an image on Google Drive using Google apps script. Although I can write the file, and when I download it access it, it is indeed an image, the google docs viewer cannot preview it. Here's the code to save it - which works, and correctly reports the content type as image/png.

 function writeToDrive() {
      var blobOb = blobObGet("googleLogoBlob");
      if (!blobOb.error) {
          var imgBlob = Utilities.newBlob(Utilities.base64Decode(blobOb.blob),"image/png",blobOb.name + ".png" );
          Logger.log (imgBlob.getContentType());
          var file = DocsList.createFile(imgBlob);

How do I access the file metadata from google apps script so as to set the correct mime/type for the the google docs viewer ?

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I'm afraid this is probably related to this issue with jpegs... The issue has been posted on april 2012 but it's not fixed yet.

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thanks - yes it looks like the same issue. –  bruce Oct 24 '12 at 14:14

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