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I have one folder containing images which also has a subfolder with images. I need to generate just one sprite, not two as happens now, and I also want to control the generated classes depending on the folder/subfolder:

@import "mobile/*.png";
@import "mobile/icons/*.png";

How can I make compass generate just one sprite?

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Up to Compass 0.12.1 you can use this:

@import "mobile/**/*.png";

Regression may be appeared with version 0.12.2, preventing this syntax to work. Instead, you can browse a list of directories:

@import "mobile/{,icons}/*.png";

Be sure to start the list with a comma in order to target the current directory mobile.

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Thanks. Can you please post the source, where this feature have been documented? –  a.s.panchenko Feb 26 at 22:37
What will happen with the same names? –  a.s.panchenko Feb 26 at 22:43
@a.s.panchenko this feature no longer works now (my answer is 1,5 old). You have to use the sass-globbing gem. –  piouPiouM Mar 1 at 19:14

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