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I am a beginner in node.js. Here is what I am trying to do using express + https.
- node.js https server on port 443
- C client connects to sever
- Mobile client connects to server and does GET
- node.js server sends GET request to C client and sends response back to mobile device

While sending GET request from node.js to C client, I could not get hold of TLS socket instance.

The node.js https documentation says

Class: https.Server# 

This class is a subclass of tls.Server and emits events same as http.Server. See
http.Server for more information.

after storing socket

https.on('connection', function(socket) {

and doing global_https_obj[0].write("DEADBEEF") .. it sends plain text traffic without SSL header and client blocks on SSL_read() [openSSL][ C client does receives GET request but openSSL gives decryption alert and fails to decrypt it ]

It seems TLS socket is accessible through secureConnection event and is not emitted by https.

guys is there any way get hold of TLS socket? or is it possible to add secureConnection event listener in https?

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my bad .. had both connection and secureConnection listener.. removed connection listener and is working. –  Nirav Uchat Oct 26 '12 at 5:46
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