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In Sunspot Solr I have a model Contact that I index in Solr. The Contact model has many attributes, but I index two of them, :name and :email. To prevent that every time a field changed in a Contact we contact Solr, I use :ignore_attribute_changes_of on the searchable.

In fact, I just want to update my index when I change :name or :email. I do that like this:

fields = (Contact.attribute_names - ["name", "email"]).map{|o| o.to_sym}

searchable :ignore_attribute_changes_of => fields do
  text :name
  text :email

This seems the wrong way around to me. Is there a way to tell Sunspot searchable to only update on a change of certain attributes? That is, is there an inverse of ignore_attribute_changes_of or is there a reason that is built this way?

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I guess they just didn't think about it. Why don't you try to open an issue on github.com/sunspot/sunspot and see what they say? –  mdesantis Nov 14 '12 at 17:12

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i guess, you can disable auto-indexing in model and move index action to controller in this way

in model

searchable :auto_index => false do
  text :name
  text :email

in controller

def update
  if @contact.name_changed?||@contact.email_changed?
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or even you can try to use :auto_index => check_if_name_or_email_changed instead of :auto_index => false def check_if_name_or_email_changed name_changed?||email_changed? end but this solution i didn't check –  okliv Nov 15 '12 at 17:33

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