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I have been working on this a while. I see multi-level arrays in php are not that easy. Here is my code:

    "title"=>"About Us", 
    "title"=>"Our Team",
    "title"=>"The In Joke",
    "title"=>"Our History",

   2-about us
   3-Our Team
   4-The In Joke
   5-Our History

i have multi-level parent child array and need to sort according to about result did not understand how i can use usort().

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Can we see your code (instead of just the result)? – SomeKittens Oct 24 '12 at 13:36

To use usort() to sort your array, you need to write a custom sort function. Because you want to look at the $array['title'] value for the comparison, you would use this array index in your comparison function:

$array = array(
    // your additional multidimensional array values...

// function for `usort()` - $a and $b are both arrays, you can look at their values for sorting
function compare($a, $b){
    // If the values are the same, return 0
    if ($a['title'] == $b['title']) return 0;
    // if the title of $a is less than $b return -1, otherwise 1
    return ($a['title'] < $b['title']) ? -1 : 1;

usort($array, 'compare');
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