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Allow a user to Save a report's current parameters' state if the report successfully rendered. ie. All drop-downs are selected, empty fields that don't allow blank are filled etc.

ReportViewer behaviour
After the 'View Report' button is pressed, the report viewer performs some client side validation and displays an alert if all is not well; otherwise, the report is regenerated and the javascript function: pageLoad() is called.

Possible Solution

  • Somehow add a handle to the 'View Report' click event and disable my 'Save' button.
  • Enable the 'Save' button in the pageLoad() method.

Is this the best way to implement the solution? If so, how do I get a reference to the 'View Report' button?


Here's the code I'm using at the moment.
- btnViewReport is the button that you see at the right-hand side of the parameters area in the ReportViewer.
- btnSave is a button that I've added outside of the ReportViewer. It doesn't matter what it does. The important thing is it should only be displayed when btnViewReport is clicked and the report successfully generates (all required parameters are filled).
- pageLoad is a function that is called, by the ScriptManager, everytime there is a partial callback. Clicking btnViewReport causes a partial postback.

    var firstTimePageLoaded = true;

    function pageLoad() {

        if (this.firstTimePageLoaded) {
            this.firstTimePageLoaded = false;
        else {

        var btnViewReport = $('#<%=ReportViewer1.ClientID %> input[type="submit"][value="View Report"]');
        btnViewReport.unbind('click'); // pageLoad() is sometimes called twice. () {

Now if I leave some parameter fields empty and click "View Report", the "Save" button will be hidden because a partial postback will not occur.

I need the firstTimePageLoaded flag to prevent the button showing when the page is initially displayed. It works but is right up there on my list of crappy work-arounds.

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What is the "Save" button you mention? How are you including the ReportViewer on the page? Can you elaborate a bit on the "Possible Solution" section, show some code, markup or mockup of what you're trying currently? – Jeroen Oct 24 '12 at 22:06
Hi, I've added some code and more information. Hopefully that'll help. – Jules Oct 25 '12 at 11:01

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