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I have dedicated server with 1 IP. Nginx on port 80 used as reverse proxy. Behind nginx several backends (Apache, PHP Fast CGI) I also have wowza. It works ok by RTMP on port 1935. I want to allow connect to wowza via RTMPT protocol on port 80.

Is it possible to configure nginx to proxy RTMPT requests to wowza server?

Wowza support didnt help link1 link2

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You can either configure Wowza to listen on port 80 ( without nginx, recommended ) or to use the RTMPT protocol which is RTMP on top of HTTP

Base Nginx only proxies HTTP(s) and SMTP so yes, this should be possible but is probably slower ( higher protocol overhead, CPU footprint )

Example configuration in nginx

     listen          80;
     server_name     _;

     location /
           proxy_set_header        Host            $host;
           proxy_buffering         Off;

           proxy_pass    ;
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Did you try this config with real server or its just hypothetical? –  terbooter Oct 29 '12 at 20:02

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