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According to the Paperclip S3 Docs one can specify the :url option in the config which has four possible values. There are comments related to this options that say:

The fourth option for the S3 url is :asset_host, which uses Rails' built-in asset_host settings.

To get the full url from a paperclip'd object, use the image_path helper; this is what image_tag uses to generate the url for an img tag.

These two comments seem in conflict with each other (to me). If Paperclip can use the asset_host settings, it seems almost necessary that it would generate the full url (since the asset_host only specifies the start (host) of that url)

But it then goes on to say you need to use a helper to get the full url??

The reason I ask this is because I want full urls generated for image url serialization (ie if we're returning json with image_urls, we want those served from our CDN).

Right now I've created a helper module that extends extend ::Sprockets::Helpers::RailsHelper to manually generate full urls any time an image_url is being serialized, but it's manual (and someone could possibly forget to do it in the future)

Any thoughts?

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