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i am looking for APDU to find UID of contact less ISO 14443 smart card and how to use it to print in Linux terminal. Problem is that i found many people talking about it, but there is no solution. Can anyone help is this regard??? Thanks

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Nobody can help as the UID is specified in the ISO 14443 T=CL transport protocol while APDU's are specified in the ISO 7816 application layer protocol.

So you need access to a lower level API for your contactless reader. PCSC will not suffice (unless there has been a pass through implemented for the specific reader that returns the UID).

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Thanks. Until now, I spent my hell amount of time on it. –  Salman Oct 26 '12 at 9:13
So, what could be the possible way to read UID of smart card while working with PCSC-Lite? –  Salman Oct 26 '12 at 9:29
I would have a look at the underlying reader libraries. PCSC was initially made for contact readers anyway. Problem is that anything beyond PCSC is likely to be proprietary drivers. –  owlstead Oct 26 '12 at 10:58

"Get Data Command" is defined in PCSC 3 v2. If your driver is PCSC v2 compliant, you can get UID using it:

Class = 0xFF
INS = 0xCA
P1 = 0x00
P2 = 0x00
Le = 0x00 (return full length: ISO14443A single 4 bytes, double 7 bytes, triple 10 bytes, for ISO14443B 4 bytes PUPI, for 15693 8 bytes UID)

Returned value is:

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