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I'd like to delegate all touchstart events to the defined click handler as a default for iPhone and other "Touch-Browsers". I came up with two approaches:

1) Extend the Ember.View to delegate all touchstart events to the click handler(s):

      touchStart: function(event) {

 App.SomeView = Ember.View.extend({
      click: function(event) {
         console.log('should be fired for click and touchstart events');

2) specify multiple action events in the (handlebars) template:

  <i {{action someAction on="click,touchStart"}} ></i>

Both approaches do not work. What am i missing? The Ember.Button is implemented similar (line 18625).

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What Ember.js version are you using? The following example works with the latest Ember.js v1.0.0-pre2, see

App = Ember.Application.create({});

    touchStart: Ember.alias('click'),
    click: function() {
        console.log('clicki di click OR touchi di touch');

    elementId: 'leViewId',
    templateName: 'leViewTemplate'
}).append(); {
}, 500); {
}, 1000);

Registering multiple events via <i {{action someAction on="click,touchStart"}} ></i> doesn't work. If you want to handle more than 1 type of event, you should use a custom Ember.View.

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thanks! your fiddle seems to work fine. Is Ember.alias a new method? – lipp Oct 29 '12 at 10:55
I updated the fiddle to allow testing with real devices. BTW it is actually working as expected with iphone mobile safari. – lipp Oct 29 '12 at 11:03
No, it's been available for a while now, it might have been undocumented. But theres documentation available, see – pangratz Oct 29 '12 at 15:30

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