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I'm extremely new to TeamCity and need to copy files from one TeamCity agent to another. I'm basically looking for some conceptual direction so I can start researching on how to accomplish the following:

  1. Currently have a TeamCity Agent which builds program and creates corresponding artifacts. I need to copy these artifacts to another TeamCity Agent machine.

  2. I'm getting acquainted with the build steps, we are using a commandline build runner. So I'll need to setup the build step for copying files via commandline--any hints on how to get started is greatly appreciated.

I apologize for any conceptual or term errors. I guess this is why I'm posting this question.

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In case you want to re-use the results of one build in another (e.g., run tests using results of compilation), you should take a look at two things:

  • Publish your build artifacts to server (more details here)
  • Download an artifact from server before build starts (more details here)

This will allow TeamCity to ensure that artifacts arrive at correct agent at correct moment of time. Also TeamCity will track usages of such artifacts.

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