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I have a Java EE application deployed on GlassFish. This application has 2 web modules inside it:

  • 1st with some RESTful-services (business logic)
  • 2nd with a JSF application (admin console)

When I deploy my application, all deploys ok, but I see many ClassNotFound warnings and exceptions in the log (from both of them, 1st war and 2nd war).

1st war:

SEVERE: Unable to load annotated class: com...web.admin.AdministrationBean
SEVERE: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com...web.admin.AdministrationBean

2nd war:

WARNING: WEB9052: Unable to load class com...web.rest.SomeResourse, reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com...rest.SomeResourse

Everything works and all, but those log warnings and errors are really annoying.

Looks like there's something wrong in the application properties, but I checked them and all looks ok (when I try to deploy them separate from each other, all is ok).

Maybe I need some application.xml settings for separate loading in GlassFish? I Googled it, but didn't find useful information.

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People votes down, but dont explain why... My question is useless or unclear? –  Peter Oct 31 '12 at 8:55

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Seems like this is bug in GlassFish:


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