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I'm using Liferay Portal 6.1.0 GA1

SCENARIO: After configure a portal-ext.properties like:


And running the server OK... (only those languages and timezone)

I want to add a new language through Control Panel -> Portal Settings -> Display Settings, writting


But I get:

Please enter a valid locale error. 

I also tried to stop LR and edit portal-ext.properties but I got the same.

Can you help me?

Thx a lot! Alberto

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Looks like issue is with number of Languages you are selecting from Display Settings. As after adding only 2 locales(es_ES,en_US) from portal-ext.properties, when you go to Control Panel -> Display Settings, it's displaying around 10+ languages in Current. So after adding English to current and save it's trying to validate all the languages with the locales= values provided in portal-ext.properties.

And when it tries to validate language other than the one you've provided in portal-ext.properties it will give error. What you can do here is, - First remove all the entries from Current back to Available - Add only "English(ES)" to Current one - Save

Reference : here

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ASWER my own question:

I tried to add Italian (beta phase) so I tried:


But that does not work in LR Portal 6.1.0. So then I tried:


And solved

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