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I am at cross roads and trying to figure out which direction to proceed whether to invest time in learning HTML5 with Javascript or staying with WPF/Silverlight.

If I develop an app using HTML5 on Windows Platform using C#, does it run on iOS, Andriod tablets and/or mobile devices without any issues. If not, what about the same app developed using HTML5 with JavaScript? Does it have a chance or not?

My application requirements:

Run inside the browser as a control

Get data from remote services through Web Services/WCF

Cross platform compatibility (Nice if can run on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android)

Thank for any advice.

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The back end platform shouldn't make any difference as long as it can produce standard HTML5, if that's the way you go.

As long as your services produce standard JSON, which you can do in WCF (and RESTfully if that's what you want) you should be able to consume them.

HTML5 would be the way to go for cross platform compatability.

Currently, Silverlight browser support is light, and nothing about mobile browsers:


This article was pretty interesting:


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Thank You. I will look at that. –  user1406862 Oct 27 '12 at 0:15

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