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I'm looking for an efficient way to collate all blog posts into a menu of the following format:


  • August(6)
  • September(4)
  • October(2)

Month representing the month(obviously), and the value inside the brackets representing the number of posts in that month. Once clicked, a search will then be made for all posts in that month, in that year.

I need it to be dynamic, picking up November automatically when a post is created in that month, and carrying on into December, into 2013 etc etc...

All I have is a UNIX timestamp for each post. I would really like to avoid using seperate functions to gather endless comlex arrays etc.

Any help much appreciated.

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and this means what exactly? –  digiwig Oct 24 '12 at 16:56

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From your question, I understand you're trying to come up with a query to group a number of elements by month and year. The following should do the trick:

    YEAR(dateField) AS YEAR, 
    MONTH(dateField) AS MONTH,
FROM table 

Obviously, "dateField" being the name of your datetime/timestamp column and "table" being the name of your table.

More information on the GROUP BY clause and aggregate functions (such as the COUNT(*) function used above) here.

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This works perfectly. I needed to make an adjustment, see below: SELECT YEAR(FROM_UNIXTIME(dateField)) AS YEAR, MONTHNAME(FROM_UNIXTIME(dateField)) AS MONTH, COUNT(*) AS TOTAL from table GROUP BY YEAR, MONTH –  digiwig Oct 25 '12 at 8:46

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