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I know what is forward and cross edge. But I am finding difficulty in implementing them in program to find all the forward and cross edges in a given graph.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

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You can classify all graph edges with a DFS transversal:

DFS-Visit(u)         ▷ with edge classification. G must be a directed graph

1.        color[u] ← GRAY
2.        time ← time + 1
3.        d[u] ← time
4.        for each vertex v adjacent to u
5.            do if color[v] ← BLACK
6.                then if d[u] < d[v]
7.                            then Classify (u, v) as a forward edge
8.                            else Classify (u, v) as a cross edge
9.                        if color[v] ← GRAY
10.                            then Classify (u, v) as a back edge
11.                       if color[v] ← WHITE
12.                            then π[v] ← u
13.                                 Classify (u, v) as a tree edge
14.                                 DFS-Visit(v)
15.        color[u] ← BLACK
16.        time ← time + 1
17.        f[u] ← time

As you can see here.

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