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There are many JavaScript or CSS touch swipe sliders out there but all of them seem to only allow either vertical or horizontal swipe of a slide. Is there anything out there that allows both on one slide, so I can swipe horizontally and vertically on one slide?

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Any updates on this? Did you find any slider with this behavior? – briler Feb 24 '14 at 8:28
@briler I immediately thought of the idangero.us swiper, but that was already mentioned in an answer. Could you describe what it is that you need in a little more detail? I'm not able to conceptualize what you are looking for. Thanks. – JPDurham Feb 25 '14 at 20:57

I'm not 100% sure if this is what you are looking for, but it looks darn close:

iDangero.us Swiper.


Allows vertical swping boxes within another horizontal carousel/slider. I've been looking for the same thing for awhile, and this is the closest plugin I've found to what I'm looking for. A little hacking/manipulation could probably make it do what you're looking for.

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Thanks, this is actually what I started with but it only supports either/or not both horizontal and vertical swipe on one slide. – iwek Oct 26 '12 at 18:35
nice ! It would've had touch behaviors (tap, double tap, etc…), it would have absolutely perfect ! – Ben Dec 28 '12 at 10:03

You can use fullPage.js to have swipes exactly as you describe, as shown on this demo page.

The only issue I have with fullPage.js is the lack of 1:1 touch movement. So instead of the swipe being controlled as long as you have your finger on the screen, the script has a configurable variable that says once a threshold swipe of X percent of the screen height/width has been met. This works, but doesn't feel nearly as nice as something like RoyalSlider which does have 1:1 touch movement; so if you swipe only 49% of the way you remain on the same section. That said fullPage.js has great support (IE8+) and is updated regularly.

Ideally I'd like fullPage.js to have 1:1 touch movement, the author is open to pull requests but for now my knowledge of javascript is too basic to implement something like this.

An option I am considering at the moment is using two sliders in combination with each other. I am going to use RoyalSlider for the left and right swipes (so you get the nice 1:1 touch) and fullPage.js for the vertical up down effect.

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Here is an Easy Way of clreating horizontal and vertical slider

function MM_effectSlide1(targetElement, duration, to, from, slide, toggle)
    Spry.Effect.DoSlide(targetElement, {duration: duration, to: to, from: from, horizontal: true, toggle: true});
function MM_effectSlide2(targetElement, duration, to, from, slide, toggle)
    Spry.Effect.DoSlide(targetElement, {duration: duration, to: to, from: from, horizontal: false, toggle: true});

    <div id="socialmedia" class="socialcontainer" onclick="MM_effectSlide1('socialmedia', 1000, '100%', '11%', true, true)"></div>

If you look at the Code the only code that should be changed is the MM_effectSlide1, 2, 3, and so forth

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