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I am trying to change the functionality of the autocomplete-rail.js file once I've done the

rails generate autocomplete:uncompressed

to get the full jquery code

however, every change that I make (in comments or in code) doesn't seem to matter

I've saved the file, restarted rails s, deleted cache.. nothing works.

the file is currently in public/assets (where the generator puts it)

I can see from the source that /assets/autocomplete-rails.js?body=1 is being served..

going to it does not give me jquery.. but regular javascript

what is going on?


I searched for the file and if I edit the file in


I can see that that is the file being served.. (I edited it and I see it being served with the edit)

this is a problem in working on different computers on the same repo since the edits to this file are kept in the gems directory and not in the app's..

is there a way to solve this?

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If the file exists in public/assets, then that's the file that the web server will serve. I suggest you delete that entire directory so that Rails will dynamically serve your assets.

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solved.. I just copied that file to the assets directory directly..

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