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I'm trying to follow the tutorial (link) for brs 1.2.2 using developer studio 2.1.

The operation definition seems to be different. This is from the tutorial:

<operation name="placeOrder">
    <with-param type="samples.userguide.PlaceOrder"/>
        <element type="samples.userguide.OrderReject"/>
        <element type="samples.userguide.OrderAccept"/>

However, developer studio is trying to create the operation definition like follows:

<operation name="placeOrder">
    <input namespace="" wrapperElementName=""/>
    <output wrapperElementName=""/>

Is brs 1.2.2 compatible with developer studio 2.1?

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No, brs 1.2.2 is not compatible with developer studio. It's brs 2.0.0 version which is compatible with developer studio.

In that version what you would get will be similar to

<operation name="placeOrder">
    <input wrapperElementName="placeOrder" namespace="http://com.test/placeorder">
        <fact elementName="order" namespace="http://com.test/placeorder" type="samples.userguide.PlaceOrder"></fact>
    <output wrapperElementName="placeOrderRespone" namespace="http://com.test/placeorder">
        <fact elementName="orderAccept" namespace="http://com.test/placeorder" type="samples.userguide.OrderAccept"></fact>
        <fact elementName="orderReject" namespace="http://com.test/placeorder" type="samples.userguide.OrderReject"></fact>
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Ok, thanks. Do you know when brs 2.0.0 will be available? I can only get 1.2.2 from the wso2.com page. –  Chris Snow Oct 25 '12 at 10:27
brs 2.0.0 is not yet released. But, you can get it from this tempory location builder1.us1.wso2.org/~carbon320/tmp/14-09-2012/brs/… & builder1.us1.wso2.org/~carbon320/tmp/10-09-2012/… –  Denuwanthi Oct 26 '12 at 10:06

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