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I wrote a simple subclass to add labels to edittext fields. I want to have a label in addition to a hint. The field should be editable, have a hint on the righthand side of the field, and have a label on the lefthand side of the box.

  public void onDraw(final Canvas canvas) {
    if (labelX == -1 || labelY == -1) {
    canvas.drawText(mLabel, labelX, labelY, mPaint);

  private void makeTextMeasurements() {
    mMeasuredTextHeight = getTextHeight(mPaint);
    labelX = (int) ViewUtils.getScaledPixels(20, getContext());
    labelY = (int) ((getHeight() / 2.0f) + (mMeasuredTextHeight / 2.0f));

The class works fine if I do not call setInputType. But if I call setInputType, the text that is to be drawn by canvas.drawText() does not appear. I looked through the EditText source code but couldn't find a reason for why this is happening. Anyone have ideas?

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