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I'm trying to get the duration for an audio file in c#. I got the following code to work on my local machine but when I deploy it to a windows server 2008 box it always returns a duration of 0 for .avi and .wav files.

WindowsMediaPlayerClass wmp = new WindowsMediaPlayerClass();
    IWMPMedia mediaInfo = wmp.newMedia(filePath);
    return mediaInfo.durationString

I have windows media player 11 installed on the server.

Any help would be most appreciated

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I don't have experience with "WindowsMediaPlayerClass", but I have used TagLibSharp extensively, which is what I try to use for such things - it supports a pretty broad set of formats and that makes it's API much more usable that the built-in support in .NET


Quite possibly simply using TagLibSharp will solve your problems.

(Note that taglibsharp is maintained by the banshee project, but is hosted @ novell for apparently historical reasons. I don't know about the details, but that can make contacting the devs a little confusing)

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To retrieve duration info, media file must be opened first.


To retrieve the duration for files that are not in the user's library, you must wait for Windows Media Player to open the file; that is, the current OpenState must equal MediaOpen. You can verify this by handling the AxWindowsMediaPlayer._WMPOCXEvents_OpenStateChange event or by periodically checking the value of AxWindowsMediaPlayer.openState.

The link also has sample codes for C#.

If you don't like to play the video, you may use the IWMPMedia class:


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My guess is that the media player isn't installed (it's not by default on server SKUs).

Did you try installing the desktop experience package?

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This is completely unrelated to your answer here, but I was hoping to draw your attention to this question I asked a couple of days ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/1303811/… –  MusiGenesis Aug 23 '09 at 16:36

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