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I keep getting these errors for no route matches for actions 'edit'


def remove_artifact_from_collection

... do my stuff ..


view: the line on which it errors

<p><%= link_to 'Edit Evidence Item', edit_artifact_path, :class => 'edit_button' %></p>


resources :artifacts do
    collection do
    get 'remove_artifact_from_collection'

bundle exec rake routes

 remove_artifact_from_collection_artifacts GET    /artifacts/remove_artifact_from_collection(.:format)      {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"remove_artifact_from_collection"}
                                 artifacts GET    /artifacts(.:format)                                      {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"index"}
                                           POST   /artifacts(.:format)                                      {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"create"}
                              new_artifact GET    /artifacts/new(.:format)                                  {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"new"}
                             edit_artifact GET    /artifacts/:id/edit(.:format)                             {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"edit"}
                                  artifact GET    /artifacts/:id(.:format)                                  {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"show"}
                                           PUT    /artifacts/:id(.:format)                                  {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"update"}
                                           DELETE /artifacts/:id(.:format)                                  {:controller=>"artifacts", :action=>"destroy"}
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what does your rake routes show? –  DickieBoy Oct 24 '12 at 17:21

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That's because you're not supplying an artifact/id to edit_artifact_path. Assuming your artifact is in the @artifact instance variable, you should use:

link_to 'Edit Evidence Item', edit_artifact_path(@artifact), ...

You could also use:

link_to 'Edit Evidence Item', [:edit, @artifact], ...

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Then how come it is working when I go to –  user1570144 Oct 24 '12 at 17:33
If you used a scaffold for the artifact model then the show view should correctly use edit_artifact_path by providing it with @artifact. –  James Oct 24 '12 at 17:37
It works by passing the @artifact to edit as you and Manjunath suggested. So I am using it. Thanks –  user1570144 Oct 24 '12 at 17:44
link_to "Edit Artifact", edit_artifact_path(@artifact)

You did not pass in the object.

edit_artifact GET    /artifacts/:id/edit(.:format) 

From the path you can see that, you need to specify the id. So pass in a variable containing the artifact object.

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