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Application I am working on is desktop application based on healthcare. It is fully tested on java 1.6 now we want to implement it on java 1.7 so how much effort we need to test and implement this application on java 1.7. Is anything special that we need to keep in mind to deploy on this version?

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If you haven't used any old deprecated methods in your app, try running it in Java 7. There should not be any issue. –  Yogendra Singh Oct 24 '12 at 17:36

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Java 7 should be fully backward compatible with your Java 6 code.

The first step is to compile the source under JDK 7. If that succeeds, you should be good to go.

You should check the JDK 7 release notes to see about new features that you may want to leverage in the future.

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All java newer version support backward compatibility... So if it works on 1.6 it will work on 1.7 too with enhanced performance.

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All the features of 1.6 are also present in 1.7 so it will be compatible to 1.7 also.Backward compatibility becomes an issue here is not the the case

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