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I'm using TypeScript.

I have inside file String.ts the following:

module Sgc.Sys {
    "use strict";
    export class String {       
        static trim(input: string): string {
            return input.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, "");
//-- other methods below ...

Then in file Number.ts (located in the same folder of String.ts) I use the method Sgc.Sys.String.trim() defined above:

module Sgc.Sys {
    "use strict";
    export class Number {

    static someMethod(input : string) : string {
            //-- some code
            var str = Sgc.Sys.String.trim(input);
            return str;


The problem: method trim of Sgc.Sys.String must be defined/called as above to be accepted withou errors by TypeScript; however when at runtime the Sgc.Sys.String is undefined and therefore Sgs.Sys.String.trim(input) fires exception.

What should I to be able to call Sgc.Sys.String.trim from inside Sgc.Sys.Number when both String.ts and Number.ts are in the same folder ..\Sgc\Sys ?

Thanks, MG

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You must add a reference to the Number.ts file:

/// <reference path="String.ts" />
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If you get the error at runtime, you need to ensure you include both compiled JavaScript files on your page.

I have assumed you are not using module loading based on your code samples.

<script src="/Sgc/Sys/String.js"></script>
<script src="/Sgc/Sys/Number.js"></script>

Additional notes...

TypeScript targets ECMAScript 3 by default, so your "use strict" statments won't have any effect - you need to target ECMAScript 5 for this feature.

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