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I have a server side built on the top of JBOSS 7 AS.

I have a need to run a batch process every 24 hours to perform some operations on the DB. Whilst it is easy to implement the service, I am wondering what the best is to launch is... Any examples available?

In my old JBOSS days, I would have kicked this off through a boostrap servlet.


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Use an EJB3.1 Timer: http://javahowto.blogspot.be/2010/04/ejb-31-timer-simple-example.html

public class BatchLauncher {

   @Schedule(hour = "12", minute = "0")
   private void checkInventory() {

By default, JBoss 7 will scan your war/ear for ejb3 annotated classes. For @Stateless beans, JBoss will create a singleton and make it accessible via JNDI.

Inside the singletons, JBoss 7 will find the @Schedule annotation and schedule the method invocation using the schedule.

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