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I am quite often coming across sites that respond to a click on a What's This or a Gallery link by poping up a window in front of the original page, and making the original page go dim.

Is this a fancy AJAX trick?

Is it only likely to be supported in certain browsers?

And most importantly, how is it done?

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I believe the technique is called 'lightbox'. –  Blorgbeard Aug 20 '09 at 11:31
@Blorgbeard: lightbox is the name of a JS plugin that allows to show bigger verions of images directly on the page using a "dim" effect as described in the question. But it's not the name of the effect itself... –  Wookai Aug 20 '09 at 12:01

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This is nothing more than adding a <DIV> that covers the entire screen, and give it a black background. jQuery's UI library will handle this for you automatically.


Or you can do it with basic HTML/CSS/jQuery like this:

div.modal-bg { 
  top:0; left:0; 
<div class="modal-bg"></div>
  $("div.modal-bg").fadeTo("slow", .5);
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