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I have a single page website which has large divs as a section/page. I have managed to get the anchors to work etc however the problem I am having is that the CSS a:active does not work in this scenario because the actual div is not linked to the anchor link at the top. There is a span above each div which is the height of the header so that the sections do not get hidden behind it.

I was wondering if there is any way (using CSS/JavaScript) to get the anchor links to change color by themselves when the user is on a specific section of the page.

A similar example is on this web page if someone wants to see it, this site actually uses an indicator rather than changing the links color. However I'm sure they're using JS because when I do inspect element in Google Chrome, as the indicator moves the CSS also changes position.

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I guess you can.

$('#specific-section').bind('mouseenter', function(){
}).bind('mouseleave', function(){
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