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I have written a Yesod auth plugin that mails out invite codes, which are then required for registration. One thing that I would like to include in the plugin is a widget containing a form for creating invitations; the form would post to a route within the auth plugin. What I'm having trouble with is figuring out a type signature for the widget that allows the creation of the appropriate URL and can also be used within a handler for the master site.

Stripped down to the essentials, the widget looks like:

invitationWidget :: GWidget Auth m ()
invitationWidget = do
  tm <- lift getRouteToMaster
  [whamlet|<form action=@{tm inviteR}>|]

inviteR :: AuthRoute
inviteR = PluginR "invite" ["invite"]

The trouble is that specifying the Auth subsite for the widget means that I can't embed it directly into a handler of type GHandler master master a (the exact error is Couldn't match type `App' with `Yesod.Auth.Auth'). However, if the subsite isn't specified, e.g. invitationWidget :: GWidget s m (), then I don't see a way to get at inviteR (the error for that is Could not deduce (MonadLift (GHandler Auth m) (GWidget s m))).

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The function addSubWidget should be able to help you.

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