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I'm just trying to use standard link sharing using Facebook's sharer.php url. Here is a sample link:


I've been doing this successfully since 2009. Recently the Facebook sharer page seems to no longer be able to access my link to pull in images and a description. Using the Facebook Object debugger,


I see that every URL that i try returns a HTTP 502 error. Can someone help me understand why this is happening? Even a static HTML page returns this same error. Here is a screenshot of the error: http://images.publicaster.com/ImageLibrary/account116/images/facebookscrapeerror.png

Testing the URL in a browser works fine: http://stagingclick.publicaster.com/test.htm. this is just a static link no dynamic content, no redirects nothing. I'm a little at a loss of what i can do to fix this error. In my IIS logs i am not able to see the incoming request from Facebook's scraper.

Thanks! -mark

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The page you linked (http://stagingclick.publicaster.com/test.htm) is redirected (via the og:url tag) to http://www.nin.ja which doesn't resolve - are you sure there isn't a similar problem with the live links you're sharing?

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