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I have an entity User mapped in playORM. This entity has an embedded field:

private List<String> publisherIds = new ArrayList<String>();

I need to write a method findUsersByPublisher, which would receive a String publisherId as argument and return the associated users.

Is it possible to do that? Or do I need to create another entity Publisher to be able to index the way I want?

In affirmative case, would I put the @NoSqlIndexed annotation for this field?

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We intend to support something like that but it is not supported right now. I am thinking something like select u from Users as u where u.publisherIds contains("value1", "value2")

Right now though there is no support in yet for this.


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Thanks Dean. Every time I know playOrm better I understand it was a great idea. –  mvallebr Oct 25 '12 at 13:02
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