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I have a problem with inserting images into a form. The addresses of the images are hosted on the database and I have to do the load dynamically through a JSON. I've ridden the JSON in PHP. I leave a pic as have to be, and it succeeds but not dynamically.

inserting images into a form

Also left the code to achieve load images into the form. It gives reference to what I have to do dynamically

fieldLabel  : 'Icono',
xtype   : 'panel',
id      : 'panelIcon',
width: 400,
height: 48,
value: 'valorIdIcon',
layout: {
    type: 'table',
    columns: 15
 defaults: {
    // applied to each contained panel
    style: 'border-color:#b5b8c8'
        id: 'acces.jpg',
        width: 32,
        html: '<img src="../../Images/IconSelect/acces.jpg" onclick="javascript:verID(this);"/>',
            render: function(e){ 
            valorIdIcon = e.body.parent().parent().id;

Someone give me a hand? Thanks You!

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I finished doing it from the Server-Side with PHP, wrote the code from PHP and return to front-end and did a eval().

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Even it works, using eval() it's a bad idea. I suggest you to send image URLs to the client, then look through that list in Javascript and for each image create and <img> attaching an onclick event. – Francesco Jan 5 '13 at 11:37
eval () has any security problem, but the *. jpgs are located in my server and need load any *.jpgs what are located into the folder and make the JSON appropriate. Thanks for your suggest – Sebastian Lorenzo May 9 '13 at 1:56

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