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I have a problem with submitting forms when decimal numbers are present, to be precise if there is a number behind the decimal separator it wont submit. I am working with Asp.NET MVC3, Kendo UI and a different culture, "hr-HR", where the decimal separator is a comma. If I put "en-US" culture (separator is dot) everithing goes smoothly. My guess is its a validation problem, but I could be wrong. (Because the form POSTs on US culture)

Also my CurrentUICulture is "en-US" & CurrentCulture is "hr-HR"

Did anyone had a similar issue?

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If the form is not posted on server the main reason is client validation. Try to switch it off temporary and try if your form is submitted.

EnableClientValidation method

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I turned it off. But it is the same – Goran303 Oct 25 '12 at 14:19

To globalize the client side validation, use jQuery globalization plugin.

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I fixed the problem by replacing my Kendo NumericTextboxes with HTML 5 input tags. Seems HTML 5 is more flexible.

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