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I'm passing to a template an Event object and what I need to do is checking @event.getSeverity value. if the value is positive, I want to color a specific <div> in green. if the value is negative I want to color a specific <div> in red.

I couldn't find a way to define a variable. is it possible? it should be I think.
anyhow, what's the simplest way accomplishing this?


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As stated in the Play documentation you can use the @defining helper.

@defining(if (event.getSeverity > 0) "green" else "red") { color =>
    <div style="background-color: @color">foo</div>

Or you can use a reusable block

@severityColor(event: Event) = @{
    if (event.getSeverity > 0) "green" else "red"

<div style="background-color: @severityColor(event)">foo</div>
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great. thank you very much indeed! –  socksocket Oct 24 '12 at 20:23

try this in scala template

@import java.math.BigInteger; var i=1; var k=1  

and for string

@import java.lang.String; val name="template"
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very nice! Inside the template you can change the variable @{i=5} –  myborobudur Mar 26 at 9:06

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