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From Migrations.cs, I want to disable one module if it is enabled, and enable another one if it is not already enabled. How can I do this?

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OK, I figured this out by looking at the Controller and Command classes in Orchard.Modules. First I had to add a project reference to Orchard.Modules, and then in Migrations.cs:

    public int UpdateFrom2() {
        var features = _moduleService.GetAvailableFeatures().ToDictionary(m=>m.Descriptor.Id, m=>m);
        if (features.ContainsKey("TinyMce") && features["TinyMce"].IsEnabled) {
            _moduleService.DisableFeatures(new string[] { "TinyMce" });

        if (features.ContainsKey("TinyMceDeluxe") && !features["TinyMceDeluxe"].IsEnabled) {
            _moduleService.EnableFeatures(new string[] { "TinyMceDeluxe" });

        return 3; 
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Just wonder how did you resolved _moduleService in Migrations? –  nom May 26 '14 at 12:43

I think you should take a look at the Orchard tool: you can enable and disable features and get a list of the enabled ones. Look at FeatureCommands.cs in Orchard.Modules project. Hope this helps you.

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Thanks, that is exactly what I ended up doing. –  Giscard Biamby Oct 24 '12 at 20:19

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