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How do I use that “<<<HTML” thing in PHP?

   $sql = <<<MySQL_QUERY
    title VARCHAR(150),
    bodytext  TEXT,
    created VARCHAR(100)

I've seen people use the above to include multiple lines of string and set it to a variable, was wondering if there is a name for this kind of use? So that I can look it up.

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It is a dupe, but dupes are hard to find if you don't know to search for 'heredoc'. –  Tom Haigh Aug 20 '09 at 12:18
@Tom Haigh - good point, do you think questions like 'what the heck is this syntax' should be exceptions to the dupe rule? –  karim79 Aug 20 '09 at 12:22
@karim79 maybe, or maybe there could be a search that would let you search for a set of characters like that. –  Tom Haigh Aug 20 '09 at 12:32

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Heredoc syntax.

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You winned me here :) –  Jonathan Sampson Aug 20 '09 at 12:01
+1 You beat me by 51 seconds :) –  Andrew Hare Aug 20 '09 at 12:01
Woo! I've won the easy question sweepstakes! :) –  Paolo Bergantino Aug 20 '09 at 12:01
Paolo did winned the fight again, but this is a dupe's dupe dupe. –  karim79 Aug 20 '09 at 12:04
Oo, shame on me. I even answered one of the dupes! :( –  Paolo Bergantino Aug 20 '09 at 12:10

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