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I'm using the FB.ui method to post a link to a user's feed in a cordova iPhone app. The user or a friend should be able to click the link.

The link works fine on the facebook iPhone app, but does not work on the desktop site. I'm stumped at this point, looks like the code is working, and it is sending everything to facebook, but not sure where the issue lies. Link sharing code and screenshots below.

I'd appreciate any help.

shareLink: function(fbObj){
    name = fbObj.name || 'dezirus';
    caption = fbObj.caption || 'found on dezirus';
    description = fbObj.description || '';
    link = fbObj.link || 'http://www.dezirus.com';
    picture = fbObj.picture || '';

    var obj = {
        method: 'feed',
        name: name,
        caption: caption,
        description: description,
        link: link,
        picture: picture

    callback = function(response){
        console.log('post id: ' + response['post_id']);




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What is the URL it's trying to hit ? It seems like the app is posting a mobile accessible url like fb:// which is not recognized on the desktop. When you hover over the link on the desktop site, what URL does it point to ? –  deesarus Oct 24 '12 at 22:12
the app is supposed to post a link to dezirus.com/xyz .. where xyz is a variable. when I check the link on facebook .. this is the link it goes to .. facebook.com/connect/… –  fsiddiq Oct 24 '12 at 22:52

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