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I have a page with a GridView. One of my Settings Charm entries can initialize that page, i.e. the Setting Charm can either remove or load the GridView entries. If I start the Setting Charm while on this page, and initialize the GridView, when I close the Setting Charm the GridView stays in the same state as before the initialization, i.e. it displays the same entries. If I move back a page and then forward to that page again, the page updates its content correctly, but I have to do this un-attractive move back and forward.

How can I avoid it?

Thanks, EitanB

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That depends totally on how you are doing whatever you are doing. You need to share more details. –  Filip Skakun Oct 24 '12 at 21:31

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did you use ObservableCollection for the item's in GridView or simple List, if not you use ObservableCollection instead.

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