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I'm connecting to a 3-node replica set running mongoDB in the following manner :

DB = motor.MotorReplicaSetConnection("mongodb://user:pass@ip_address:27017", replicaSet='repl_set_name').open_sync().collection_name

My replica set works nicely when PRIMARY goes down, another one takes over. But when I do this, my Tornado server throws a KeyError: 'pop from an empty set' error upon re-connection. It appears that Tornado/Motor is not able to reconnect to the new PRIMARY node, I'm not sure why. Even if I add/replace host:port to the connection string, I still get no results. Would this have to do with read_preference?

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L-R and I have been debugging this privately, I think the strange error message is a consequence of this Tornado bug:


... which I've worked around with this commit to Motor:


Based on your tests it sounds like MotorReplicaSetConnection can in fact reconnect to the new primary shortly after it becomes primary, please email me again if that's not the case.

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