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I'm writting a bash wrapper to learn some scripting concepts. The idea is to write a script in bash and set it as a user's shell at login.

I made a while loop that reads and evals user's input, and then noticed that, whenever user typed CTRL + C, the script aborted so the user session ends.

To avoid this, I trapped SIGINT, doing nothing in the trap.

Now, the problem is that when you type CTRL + C at half of a command, it doesn't get cancelled as one would do on bash - it just ignores CTRL + C.

So, if I type ping stockoverf^Cping stackoverflow.com, I get ping stockoverfping stackoverflow.com instead of the ping stackoverflow.com that I wanted.

Is there any way to do that?


# let's trap SIGINT (CTRL + C)
trap "" SIGINT

while true
    read -e -p "$USER - SHIELD: `pwd`> " command
    history -s $command
    eval $command
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You could use a tool like xdotool to send Ctrl-A (begin-of-line) Ctrl-K (delete-to-end-of-line) Return (to cleanup the line)

trap "xdotool key Ctrl+A Ctrl+k Return" SIGINT;
unset command
while [ "$command" != "quit" ] ;do
    eval $command
    read -e -p "$USER - SHIELD: `pwd`> " command

But I strongly invite you to rtfm... In searching for ``debug'' keyword...

man -Pless\ +/debug bash
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xdotool would do the trick, as a 100% hack. You get a ^C^A^K and an empty line that wouldn't show in pure bash (just ^C), but it's better than nothing. Anyway, it would be awesome to not depend on xdotool, and to avoid those extra markers - say, make it just like bash works. Anyway, I didn't get the rtfm invitation... What should debug show me? –  mgarciaisaia Oct 25 '12 at 15:25
Yes, this is a huge hack. But in state, this do the job. The right way to follow the original idea need to access file descriptors via ioctl. –  F. Hauri Oct 25 '12 at 18:42
@mgarciaisaia About what debug could do and how it could be used. have a look at profiling bash in nanoseconds –  F. Hauri Mar 26 '14 at 12:20

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