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I am relatively new to Drupal so I'm sorry if this seems like a dumb question but it has me stumped, I've spent about an hour searching but I don't think I'm searching for the right thing.

I have my content setup as nodes, node/1, node/2 etc - I also have several nodes setup that I would like to be subpages of these nodes. I've set the 'parent item' to the main nodes, but what I can't figure out is how to show these sub-nodes on the main node page as a menu. In Wordpress this can be accomplished using a function to display subpages, is there a similar way in Drupal?

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Drupal core comes with a Book module, which is meant to structure nodes hierarchically. My guess is you are nesting links to the nodes in a menu, which works, but is less performant when dealing with hundred of nodes. To answer your question: book also provides navigation to child pages at the bottom of every parent page. See this drupal.org handbook page for an example. The list right below the content and the links below it are Book's work.

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