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I'm trying to create custom URLs for my site's users:


If I set the routing rule to be this:

match ':id' => "user#view", :as => :user

Then it works great! I can access www.mysite.com/user1 and it will pull up the page for user1.

However, that breaks my about page, which is at www.mysite.com/about . The error I get here is: "Couldn't find User with id=about"

Any idea how I can fix this problem? Thanks! As an aside - I'm using friendlyid to generate the human readable slugs.


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Is the about page a static file located at public/about.html? If so, then Rails will match this first and fall back to the router if it can't find the file.

If it's a route instead, then your match :id route should be beneath the one for about, so that about is matched first.

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awesome, thanks Mr. Bigg! –  Ringo Blancke Oct 24 '12 at 21:42

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